Writing and Running

January 23rd, 2012

So back when I was talking about my goals for 2012, it became pretty clear that my life revolves around a few key things, which is good. I like simplicity. While I do intend to talk about my travel adventures, and any developments with my family, for the beginning part of this year I’ve set benchmarks for myself for both writing and fitness.

These may seem like two unrelated categories but more and more I find them intertwined. It’s more than just plotting my novel while I’m busting out miles on the tread mill. It’s a mentality that I’ve picked up from fitness which has made me a better, and more consistent, writer.

Running, especially, has moved me away from, “Can I do this? I don’t want to do it. I’m not sure I can,” to “I absolutely can do this, even if my body or my brain doesn’t want to right now, I am capable.”

This is a huge shift – a confidence in myself I’ve never had. So while writing a new novel and running a 5k before June may not seem like they’re related, to me they are both equally important goals that depend on one another. So how’s my progress? As of today, here is where I stand:

  • Running 1.5 miles consistently at race pace. Goal is get 1-2 minutes faster, and add a bit of distance each week.
  • Plotted the new novel and have written 5,000 words of (hopefully) the first chapter.

I’m pretty happy with my starting points for both. Oh, and here is a photo of me on the treadmill, getting ready for my run!

Do you have any unrelated goals? How are they connected?

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