Travel and Writing

April 3rd, 2014

Despite my best attempts to cling to my little doggies, I travel. A lot. For weddings, for workshops, for conventions, to see family. This weekend my husband and I are blitzing a trip to see our friends get married outside of Philly. The flight out will be the sixth flight I’ve taken in 2014.

This is decidedly not Philadelphia. Le sigh.

This is decidedly not Philadelphia. Le sigh.

I don’t often write while I’m away from home. When I’m officially on vacation, that’s fine. We all need a break. But when I’m attending weddings or conventions, I always bring my laptop along with the intention to write. I’ve assumed that just having access to a computer will encourage me to set fingers to keyboard. Turns out, that never happens.

So for this trip I’m trying something new. I have a word count goal of 3,000 words, which is well below my usual goals for three days of writing. Got to start small, right? And I am very eager to finish this draft of Iron.

What about you? How do you motivate yourself to do work while traveling?

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